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Women's World Cup 2003 - Match descriptive Info

Match Descriptive

Korea beat Egypt 3-0 (25-10, 25-11, 25-13) - duration 0:56
06-Nov, start time: 13:30, end time: 14:26 - Attendance: 1,500

Korea was merciless in their treatment of the young Egyptian lineup whose one small advantage is that they are an unknown quantity and can often pull off a surprise. The Asians rocketed through the first set with ease allowing the opponents only 10 points in the first set.
For Korea, it was more of a training exercise than a match even though they are themselves well down the table with only two wins from five matches.
Egypt's team as always concentrated on delivering balls to their captain Tahani Hussein, at 32 by far the oldest in the team. She has scored more points in the tournament (37 in the first four matches) that the rest of her collective quad so it was catastrophic for the Egyptians that she was sidelined with an icepack on her fingers and in obvious discomfort. It was therefore a treat when her replacement, the 18 year old Nouran Sharaf occasionally outfoxed the Korean defense.
Again Korea's captain Choi Kwang-Hee and points machine played a pivotal role and as ever well supported by lofty attackers and blockers like Chan so-Youn and the 190 cm Kim Myang-Suk. Indeed Egypt, without Hussein did well to scrape 11 points together in the second set.
Nothing changed in the third set and Korea coasted to their second victory of the tournament with ease to finish off Egypt 25-13.