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Men's World Championship 2002 - Press Info

Press Conference

Brazil beat Russia 3-2 (23-25, 27-25, 25-20, 23-25, 15-13) - duration 2:13
13-Oct, start time: 19:00, end time: 21:13 - Attendance: 10,250
Nalbert Bitencourt (Captain BRA): "I am very happy. It was a very very difficult match. Now we want to relax and enjoy this moment because we have bee practicing a lot, so today we just want to celebrate."

Rouslan Olikhver (Captain RUS): "I want to congratulate Brazil for the firs place in the World Championship. Both teams played a fantastic game, but Brazil did a little better than we did."

Bernardo Rezende (Head Coach BRA): "I think this a special sensation for me. Today we won the World Championship., I can't believe it. We played against the best teams and I want to highlight my players because all of this was able because of them. We are the best and none of the team can dispute our position."

Q: You played here twenty years ago. How do you fell for being de first coach to achieve the gold medal in Brazilian history?
A: "Part of my happiness I will share it with the players and also with the former players, my teammates twenty years ago. We have written a page in Brazilian history. It is a team work but the regards are for the players, they won the match. I don't know the dimension of this win. We will see tomorrow in Brazil."

Q: Before today's victory, did you learned about the errors made in the final match of the World League?
A: "We have been thinking for those mistakes since two months. And in this match we also made mistakes but we won."

Q: Can you give the difference between Brazil and the rest of the teams?
A: "Nowadays the difference is small between all the powerful teams. Sometimes you win and sometimes you loose. I really hard for us to play against team taller than us, but in this World Championship we could defeat all of them."

Guennadi Chapouline (Head Coach RUS): "Today we lost for a little difference. We failed in our block and defense. I want to congratulate Brazil for the level they played on."